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Gunawan Jusuf is the Sugar Group Companies’ President and Chief Executive Officer (CEO). The Sugar Group is a conglomerate of businesses with its headquarters in Indonesia dedicated to producing and processing sugar for market sales.

He is a professional in his field who has helped many Indonesian goods achieve success on a national and international scale. In Indonesia’s Lampung Province, there are many plantations owned by the Sugar Group Companies. Jusuf is in charge of ten additional offices spread out across Indonesia.

Jusuf developed a special talent for simultaneously leading multiple teams to success over his years working in Indonesia’s farming and manufacturing industries.

He promotes collaboration between numerous plants and offices as CEO and President of the Sugar Group Companies. The result is increased profit and unparalleled success for the business. The Sugar Group Companies are consistently led to success by Gunawan Jusuf’s strong leadership, critical thinking, and communication abilities.

Even today, The Sugar Group Companies is a successful business in Indonesia. For many years, Jusuf has been able to steer the businesses toward profitability and goals that once seemed unattainable to executives.

Most significantly, Jusuf was the driving force behind Gulaku’s explosive growth. One of the most well-known consumer brands in the nation is premium refined sugar.

One of the largest sugar producers in the world today is Sugar Group Companies. The business oversees every stage of the product’s production, from growing and refining to packaging, marketing, and distribution, under Jusuf’s direction. The business runs like a well-oiled machine because Gunawan Jusuf has devoted his entire career to making it successful.

The Sugar Group Companies also market JJ Royal Coffee and other well-known Indonesian brands in addition to Gulaku. Jusuf has been motivated by success since he was a young child. Although he was born in Indonesia, he moved to the country to study at California State University Long Beach.

This is where he discovered his love for business success and a range of other academic interests, such as manufacturing, marketing, English language proficiency, and more.

The CEO of the Sugar Group Companies recently published a book titled “Blue Gold”. The narrative illustrates the importance of water to life on Earth and the impending water shortage in Indonesia and elsewhere. Jusuf’s professional experience has given him a distinctive perspective on the value of water in both work and life.

A straightforward discussion of water’s high value delves deeply into the book. Water is essential for the growth of sugar cane on Jusuf’s numerous plantations and refineries and for the production of high-quality goods and their continued success. Gunawan Jusuf’s viewpoint on water scarcity is significantly impacted by the company’s success throughout the entire book.

A Renaissance man, Jusuf. Although his commercial success has been well-documented, few are aware of his many other accomplishments. Jusuf is a devoted Catholic who gives to many Catholic institutions. He was fortunate to meet Pope Francis and the late Pope John Paul II.

Molasses is a byproduct of the production of sugar. We used this product to produce the cleanest ethanol ever. We submitted an ethanol application to the California Air Resource Board in 2012. It received the CARB’s cleanest ethanol rating (California Air Resources Board Had ever verified)

He is a founding member of the Terawatt Initiative, a group whose goal is to redesign the energy system to produce more dependable, affordable, and sustainable power. The Terawatt Initiative’s seven primary objectives are as follows:
Rethinking leadership to create group solutions
Reduce ambiguity and inspire people and businesses to take a risk on more sustainable energy solutions. To communicate more effectively, craft a compelling and straightforward story.

To achieve a target of fewer than 2 cents per kWh, reevaluate regulations. Finances should be adjusted so that the trillions of dollars earmarked for the current energy system are transferred to the new energy system.

To make the Terrawatt Initiative a success, Gunawan Jusuf and numerous other business, energy, financial, and technological visionaries are continuously collaborating. They seek to provide answers to the challenging issues impeding the development of sustainable energy solutions.

The overall goal is ambitious: to defeat the global fossil fuel system in about ten years. Jusuf, however, has never been someone who gave up before achieving success.

Additionally, he contributes money to the Sugar Group Schools, a company that his late mother founded, and that is now run by his sister Purwati Lee.

The group was established in 2005 to help parents of workers in the sugarcane fields send their kids to school. Despite being in rural areas, these schools run differently from the typical rural schools in Indonesia. Children are encouraged to succeed through the polytechnic level by the bilingual programs, which are offered in air-conditioned rooms with WiFi.

More than 1,900 children of Sugar Group employees receive free education at the Sugar Group Schools. Free uniforms, shoes, backpacks, and two meals per day are provided for children. Universities offer full scholarships to high-achieving students.

Gunawan Jusuf’s support of the Sugar Group Schools demonstrates his commitment to enhancing the quality of life for upcoming Indonesian citizens. Jusuf is constantly making progress with his numerous business and charitable endeavours. In the coming years, interested parties in Indonesia and beyond can anticipate the Sugar Group Companies advocating for more environmentally friendly production practices, superior local educational options, and numerous other admirable initiatives.


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